Pegs and Jokers 2-8 Player Full Size Game Set

Pegs and Jokers 2-8 Player Full Size Game Set

Pegs and Jokers 2-8 Player Full Size Game Set

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Pegs and Jokers 2-8 Player Full Size Game Set

THIS FULL SIZE Pegs and Jokers game set is for those who like playing with bigger board sets. The boards are 11-1/2″ long, the Pegs are 1-1/4″ tall.

This set can be played by as few as 2 players or by as many as 8 players.

– Our unique Pegs are styled in the shape of a Horse’s head, easy to grasp and don’t roll around when dropped like marbles do.

– Comes with an EXTRA MAN of each color (6 men of each color, you play with just 5 of each color) so if you lose one, you game set isn’t ruined.

– Each game set includes 2 cloth drawstring bags to carry everything (a small bag for the men and a large bag for everything), or you can use the white shipping box to store the game. (Color and style of the drawstring bags may vary from that shown in the photos)

– Includes 8 copies of the rules, one for each player.

– Includes 4 decks of playing cards with 52 cards and 2 Jokers in each deck. Brand of cards may vary from what is shown in the listing images.

– The 8 Player game can be split into 2 games. Instead of playing 1 game with 8 players, you can split the set into 2 games of 4 players. Just sort the cards by their blue and red colors to make two separate decks to play with.

MADE IN AMERICA in Arizona by an American College student using the profits to pay for his college education.

The object of the game is for each player or team to move all five of their pegs clockwise around the board, from the player’s HOME AREA (the “diamond” shape) to his or her SAFE AREA (the “L” shape). The first team or individual to have all their pegs in their SAFE AREA wins the game. Players take turns drawing cards from a draw pile, the card drawn determines the number of spaces that player’s chosen peg is to be moved either forward or backwards depending on the card.

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This is a Full Size Pegs and Jokers Game set. The boards are 11-1/2 inches long. We also produce a compact travel set if you prefer a smaller set. See our other products, or search Amazon for ‘Pegs and Jokers Compact Travel Set’ to find it.
Each Player’s Board is color coded to it’s Pegs, making it easy to recognize where each player’s board is located on the game layout.
The boards and men are made of plastic, and feature a beautiful inlaid white top with colored markings, sides and bottoms. Our markings are not painted on like other sets, the markings and all colors are fully integrated into the plastic these pieces are made from. This means the markings and the colors will never rub off or wear away. Colors may vary from those shown in pictures.
Similar to but better than Marbles and Jokers, this game set comes with Pegs in the shape of a horses head, which are easier to play with and don’t roll around on the floor and get lost when accidentally dropped!